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Don't let this happen to your dead
Ion Laser!
  Don't do it !
 Dead Laser
  A while ago, a colleague of ours actually came across a sight similar to this!  This, of course, was very alarming for one very major reason: if the laser head was crushed, it would have released toxic Beryllia dust into the environment.  This incident was the final impetus to set up G.L. Services as a company to address this situation as well as put those lasers back into circulation.
  The safe disposal of old or dead lasers is a problem which is not immediately apparent.  We have arrangements to dispose of toxic plasma tube and other materials in a safe and responsible manner, once we remove them from the dead Ion laser and power supply.  We can also buy stock of live or unknown condition small or large frame Ion lasers.   Potentially usable lasers are then graded into two types: as is or retubed.  The as is lasers are resold, after checking for functionality, with no warranty apart from being functional at the time of sale.  Retubed lasers are fitted with either brand new manufacturers' original tubes or compatible second source plasma tubes with warranties arrangeable for up to 2 years and supportable by the tube manufacturers.    If required, we can supply reworked, reprocessed, regassed or new plasma tubes.

  We are supported by major manufacturers and other reputable suppliers of laser parts and components.


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  We undertake service on these manufacturers' lasers:  
  Water Cooled -   Lexel Lexel
   Spectra Physics Spectra Physics
   Coherent Inc Coherent
  Air Cooled -   Cyonics

Laser Sales.

  We stock or can supply most makes of Ion lasers or tubes, He-Ne heads or tubes, and He-Cd or YAG lasers.

  Because our stock situation is currently rapidly changing,  just e:mail and we will send you an up-to-date list of available items, with prices.


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