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As well as the LASERSCAN and COLOURMATCH systems, we also have a variety of other lasers available for hire.    !!   WOW   !!
  20  Watt Argon Ion Lasers (Indigo - Green)  
  5  Watt Krypton Ion Lasers    (Red)  
  40  Watt CW Nd-YAG (Green)   (Seriously bright beam!)  
These days there are many cheap Far East solid state imported lasers with a variety of colours available. The beam quality of these is generally not up to that available from Gas Ion lasers. It is for this reason we still use "outdated" technology which gives the sharpest beams. As the solid state technology matures and beam quality improves, we are slowly transitioning to this and widening the range of our systems.

We can also provide Fibre Optic feeds for the displays with any of our systems.

Normal hire periods are by the day or week;  Longer hire periods can be arranged.
International displays are readily available.

Whatever your laser requirements, we will be able to help or advise you on the best way to go.

 Genie 1  Genie 2  Genie 3

Part of laser sequence designed by animation house Animax Studios.
Images © 1996 Animax Studios.

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