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Ideal for Small Clubs and Parties.


200mW air cooled Argon Ion Laser.
Single scanning head.
LaserScript PC controller.
Fog machines.
Up to 2 logos free.
Expert crew.

 B G Spray


The LaserScan 200 is designed with small parties, discos and small clubs in mind. The display you get is just as good as you would expect from a high power laser show, but scaled down to the intimacy of the smaller venue. This system, as well as creating all of the standard laser effects, is capable of displaying very high quality graphic animations, logos and images. Colours produced by this system are greens, blues and indigo.

Venue requirements

13 Amp mains supply.
Ceiling height greater than 10ft.
Solid platform at least 2ft x 3ft, 9ft from the ground.


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