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About G.L. Services

    It is a creative passion for lasers which drives G.L. Services. This passion has led us to gain in house expertise in lasers, optics and related disciplines. Combined with backgrounds in software and electronics, we aim for excellence in our products and services. This allows us to take on custom projects from anyone who needs unusual solutions that require lasers. Where necessary, we can draw upon the expertise of photographers, musicians, artists, model makers and others who excel in their field. It is with over 25 years of experience behind us, that our reputation has evolved.
   Lasers are great fun to play with, an attitude we carry with us whenever we work. This does not mean we disregard their power - quite the reverse - the respect we have for them reflects significantly in our safety work. This applies to anyone working with lasers - never be afraid to experiment - just know exactly what you are doing.



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