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 " The Face "   G.L. Services  was formed in 1990, after having been known as  Golden Light  since 1981.  Over this period of time our company has gained vast experience in putting on laser displays and also using lasers for visual effect and impact.  Our laser effects/displays have been used for TV Programs, Advertisements, Photographic & Film Shoots, Pop Videos, Live Shows, Exhibitions, Product Launches, Parties and much more.  Apart from our work in commercial events, parties and other extravaganzas, we have a wealth of experience in visual effects, post-production methods, game show design, creative art pieces and the downright unusual.  Our systems are highly versatile, enabling us to work to any situation and so accommodate any client's requirements; we can also build systems to suit any situation, if required.

  A major part of our displays includes high quality, full colour Graphic Animations which are almost always flicker free.  This is achieved with our proprietary LaserScript PC controller software - whose features grow and evolve as show requirements develop and progress.  The animations can last any length of time required.  We have worked extensively with expert model maker Mat Irvine where specialist visual effects scenes (one field in which we have particular expertise) are required, and top animation house, Animax Studios, to get the best out of the systems so that any client's Logo or imagery can be incorporated into the display.  We can accurately match any colour required because our systems can produce over 16 million colours, like "Super VGA Monitors", and that means more colours than your imagination can handle!
 Over London
20 Watt Laser Beam across London.

"The Show that stopped the traffic"

  When brilliant beams of light mingled with fireworks to light the skies around Sefton Park, Liverpool, one November 5th, people for miles around were spellbound.  So much so that they headed for the area in their thousands.  The result was a traffic jam of mammoth proportions - until quick-thinking traffic police set up a diversion.  "We didn't realise the effect we were having at the time.  It was only afterwards, talking to a policeman on duty outside the park, that we realised we had actually stopped the traffic".

  Londoners and visitors to the capital were equally fascinated when BBC TV's Horizon were making the programme about communication - "In the Light of New Information".  Our laser shot an eye catching beam from BBC TV Centre onto the Telecom Tower.  Passers-by could not believe their eyes when they saw the beam slicing through the London air, like a beacon from a lighthouse.

  G.L. Services laser effects have made their mark on many UK T.V. programmes like: Blake's Seven, Horizon, QED, TECHNO, Future Fantastic ("Starman"), Bugs, Friends Like These, Dog Eat Dog, Big Brother, the Door, the Cube and Children's & Schools TV, to mention just a few.

G.L. Services has an exemplary laser safety record.  With any display we include laser safety consultancy, at no extra cost, and will also deal with any licensing issues or C.A.A. and other clearances that may be required for outdoor shows.

G.L. Services  is a member of   E.L.A. 
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We are also on numerous approved lists of
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